Madison – 39395

Common Name: Gray Seal
Animal Sex: Female
Release/Tag Date: Jan 14, 2015

Scientific classification:
Chordata, Mammalia, Carnivora, Pinnipedia, Phocidae, Halichoerus, Halichoerus grypus

39395-15 Seal information: Green flipper tag #387, left rear flipper
1/14/2015 start time 9:21, end time 9:45
Female, fully molted solitary seal
35.6 kg, straight length 112 cm, axial girth 103 cm

Marine mammal researchers are capturing, tagging, sampling, and releasing weaned gray seal pups on islands near Cape Cod and Nantucket. They hope to learn more about the influenza A virus in the gray seal population and fill out a picture of pup movements while gathering samples that will reveal more about stock health, gray seal ecology, and habitat use. Data gathered will also be used to model the population and detect demographic changes.

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