WhaleNet Sponsorship Information

Fact Sheet Overview

The primary goals of WhaleNet’s worldwide staff are: facilitating and coordinating learning in a variety of fields; enhancing general interest in science; developing problem-solving and other critical-thinking skills; and increasing environmental awareness. Educators also use WhaleNet’s vast resources to enhance curricula in science, geography, math, reading, writing, and of course, computers.Connecting to WhaleNet

Everyone with access to the Internet can log onto WhaleNet’s home page. Simply point your web browswer to:

Your support is welcomed. We have developed levels of support to suit various sources — Individual, Family, Class, and Corporate levels. The WhaleNet program has operating expenses and to continue the total educational program we need your support.

Receive a gift of a WhaleNet pin and a Certificate of Support from WhaleNet for a donation of $50.00 or more.

Below are examples of the costs involved in two popular components of the WhaleNet program.  Satellite Tagging Programs

Satellites track the world’s weather as well as its news. But did you know satellites also help scientists track the migration patterns of whales and seals? WhaleNet provides real-time, satellite data on the global movements of specially tagged whales and other marine animals. This unique research project was introduced on-line in early 1996, when scientists tagged a rare Northern Right Whale. Up to 12 additional tags will be introduced and tracked on WhaleNet each year. Check in regularly to follow your favorite mammal around the world, or to learn how satellite technology contributes to our understanding of the environment.You can sponsor a tag or a part of a tag, or a tagging expedition (Corporate Sponsorship begins at $15,000 for an expedition) with your contribution.

Ask A Scientist
Want to know how Beluga whales hear each other? Ask a marine mammal acoustics specialist! Wonder how deep the Mediterranean Sea is? E-mail an oceanographer! Curious if whales ever get sick? Talk to a whale bacteriologist! It’s all possible on WhaleNet.Scientists active in marine research have answered visitors’ on-line inquiries since January 1996. Students can e-mail questions to a variety of scientists in marine-related fields. It’s a fun, personal and exciting way to learn about scientific principles or to ask questions about real-world research. Questions and answers are archived on-line for everyone to review.
ASK a Scientist costs $800 a month. Support the cost of a scientist for $400 a week, $800 a month or $10,000 for the year.


Sponsorship levels:

[ ] Individual ($50.00)

Gift of a WhaleNet pin.

[ ] Family ($75.00)


Gift of a WhaleNet CD-ROM.

[ ] Class/Organization ($100.00)

[ ] Ask a Scientist ______________

[ ] Corporate ($15,000.00)

[ ] Other ( ____________)

Make checks payable to:
WhaleNet/Wheelock College

WhaleNet/Wheelock College
200 The Riverway
Boston, MA 02215


Your tax deductable sponsorship contribution to support WhaleNet will be greatly appreciated.Name __________________________________________________________

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Print out this page and mail it with your donation to support the WhaleNet program.